Deliciously Natural Ingestibles


Top Recommendations:

coffee beans

Mary's Java (Original Blend)

Convenient to make and easily customized to your personal dosage, enjoy a steaming cup to help lower stress levels & promote relaxation.

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canabis infused green tea

Green Tea

Packed with antioxidants, our green tea blend helps memory, blood flow, and has the added benefit of helping with heart health.

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medicinal herbs infused green tea with ginger

Green Tea with Ginger:

A delicious pairing that helps to combat nausea in addition to the natural benefits of green tea.
medicinal herbs infused green tea with ginseng

Green Tea with Ginseng:

Revitalize your energy with a focused boost – while feeling less stressed, and even improving overall stamina.

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medicinal herbs infused black tea

Black Tea:

With proven cancer-fighting antioxidants, black tea is a smartly delicious choice.
medicinal herbs infused hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate:

Velvety and smooth, our hot chocolate is a warm cup of sweetness you can’t resist, withadded therapeutic pain relief from our special mix.

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medicinal herbs infused cafe mocha coffee

Cafe Mocha:

Rich, chocolatey, and relaxing – is there a better combination? Enjoy a cup in the morning for a quick focus boost, or sip a mug at night for fast relaxation.

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vanilla flavoured medicinal herbs coffee

French Vanilla:

Delectably sweet, surprisingly rich; our French Vanilla blend is a sophisticated treat to make your mornings more amazing.

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english toffee cappuccino medicinal herbs coffee

English Toffee Cappuccino:

A deep flavor you can completely immerse yourself in – a tasty balance of sweet toffee and frothy cappuccino.

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apple cider medicinal herbs infused coffee

Apple Cider:

Enjoy the delightfully rich taste of apples and cinnamon, with the added benefit of reducing pain and relieving stress.

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