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Medicinal Herbs Vs Alzheimer’s Disease, a natural path to health

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Suffering from Alzheimer’s disease? Well, medicinal herbs can do wonders for you Alzheimer’s disease is regarded as a neurodegenerative disease of progressive type which generally affects adults with an age of more than 65. It is responsible for various symptoms in the form of dementia which makes the patients reach a state where they won’t…

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Consuming Medicinal Herbs Vs Smoking Medicinal Herbs

Benefits of consuming medicinal herbs by smoking- Are there any? Why not use it with tea instead? Medicinal herbs, the most famous illegal drug across the globe, can be ingested by various methods, the most common of which is smoking. It is generally consumed through a joint or cigarette, in a pipe of glass or…

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THC aids in regulating blood flow

THC aids in regulating blood flow THC or tetrahydrocannbinol is considered to be main component of marijuana responsible for the soothing effect on the brain. It also leaves a lot of effects on the other parts of the body out of which a consistent effect is the increase in heart beat. It is due to…

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Happy National Coffee Day!

Throughout North America and some other parts of the world, September 29th is “National Coffee Day.” This “holiday” likely began in Japan in about 1983 and was promoted by a coffee association in that country. By 2005, the idea of a national coffee day had reached the United States and is now celebrated in many…

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